Top Social Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

In the last three months of 2015, Facebook made a whopping profit of $1.6 billion. If the social media network itself is making a profit, why should you not make a profit too? Why use social mobile apps for friends and family when you can utilize the same platform to create business networks and increase your revenue? Many apps for socializing are made with business in mind. Thus, today, every business is trying hard to create a presence on social media because that is where people are. Wherever you find people, there the money will be. What are some of the small apps that you can use for business?

Let’s find out:


This app is the electronic version of a personal assistant because it keeps things organized and in a place where you can reach them easily. For example, it organizes your notes, to-do things and puts them where you can conveniently reach them. This app can be used by business owners and teams that brainstorm a lot and would like to keep every idea where they can reach it fast.


HootSuite is a one of a kind app for mobile that allows you to bring all your social media accounts for business together and manage them from a central point. It is good for scheduling social media campaigns and at the same time, keep track of how your brand promotion is doing on social media.


Again, this app which is available in both iTunes and Google Play is one of the best for small businesses. Many people call it a visual network because it is mainly about photos and video. What better way is there to launch a new product is not by showing its images from several angles and at the same time, making a video about how to use the product? Share the story behind your products with your network, in pictures and videos. Remember the power of the audio-visual? It is hard to forget since their impression lasts for a long time.


To your loyal followers on Facebook, let them know when you are launching new products or services into the market and give them some freebies, for everyone who buys through Facebook. Do you know you can set up a Facebook shop now where people order your products directly Also, pay for Facebook ads (sponsored ads) and reach people in the geo-locations of your choice.


There is no better network for you to launch a new product and then follow the comments to know what people are saying about it.


Small business owners are very busy people and hardly have the time to do everything by hand. Therefore, an app like Siri makes things easy for them by emailing clients and giving the user parking assistance as well as traffic updates.


This is the kind of app that you need when you are very busy and its main feature is that it alerts you through a text message when an important work email is sent to your inbox. It will also sort your email boxes finding the most important ones. This will save you a good amount of time.

 Small businesses need the above mentioned apps and many more to move their business to the next level. Some of these apps are free to use while others require you to pay a fee. You will get good value for your money.

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