Top Payment Apps For 2019

Tedious bank to bank transfers are now a thing of the past. In this age of technological revolution every person has taken to some payment app or the other.

But which among these are the best and which will serve your specific purpose?

Let us take a glance across some of the best and most used ones in the market.

Nubiles ET

NubilesET - Porn PopcultureNubiles ET is the newest production of Nubiles studio and we simply had to put it on top of the list. While it’s not payment app and actually quite contrary, it’s totally free – it needs a big mention in social medias. Why? Because it features very interesting approach to current popculture and mass-media entertainment. Imagine all your favorite TV shows in porn mode. Exactly, all the characters you know and love in actual sexual scenes. This is the Nubiles ET!


PayPal is also one of the most trusted payment apps in the market and is the official payment partner for Ebay.

If you are a citizen of the United States, then there is probably no better app than PayPal that can help you with transferring cash or paying for a product.

All international payments can be facilitated with the help of this app, and it also features a digital wallet to ease your process even further.

PayPal is also one of the most trusted payment apps in the market and is the official payment partner for Ebay.


This app attaches itself to your bank account and acts as a sort of gateway to the payment. But if you use this app instead of using the bank account app you will be able to transfer the money with a higher level of ease and also add new recipients within minutes.

The app is free and extremely easy to use even for people who are not very tech friendly.

Google Wallet

You can sign up with your Gmail account which makes using the app less tedious,

Digital wallets are becoming popular every day and what better wallet to choose than the one provided by Google. It serves every function of a digital wallet and is accepted worldwide as one of the most trusted sources of payment.

You can sign up with your Gmail account which makes using the app less tedious. Basically, if you are a Gmail user you already have your Google Wallet ready, all you need to do is download the app.


A subsidiary product of PayPal, Venmo can be used to send money to friends and relatives unlike PayPal which is meant for processing online transactions.

Of late Venmo has become really trendy among young users as it provides a level of ease that other apps can’t.

You can link it to your debit card or directly to your account, and it can also be used to monitor the transactions from your card or account, respectively.

Square Cash

Square Cash

This is essentially the same as Venmo, but Square Cash also features a digital wallet function. So, if you are planning to stay away from PayPal and its associates for any reason, this is the next best option.

Another great feature of Square Cash is that it can be used to directly buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrency. Other than this unique feature, Square Cash works exactly the same as any other payment app and has a pretty good user interface.

Make the move to digital currency today and ensure that you are not caught behind in the age where transferring money took hours.

Whether you are sending money to a friend or buying something online, these apps will definitely facilitate the process and make keeping a tab on your account easier.


Tough competitors! Yeah, this fact is seriously undeniable. On one hand, there is an operating system that has more privileged perks but is costly while on the other hand there lies an operating system with features available with lagging induced in them but this one is cheap.

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