Top 4 Coolest Mobile Social Apps for 2018!

We are in a mobile application era where there is literally a mobile app for everything we do. The market is flooded with a wide range of apps, each aimed for a particular activity. For example, if I love socializing, there are plenty of apps from which I can select. Likewise, if I love reading, there are more than adequate mobile applications from which I can choose. There is a mobile app for almost anything.

“WeChat, Talkshow, Airtime and Peach are the latest mobile social apps to look out for in 2018.”

Socializing is an activity many people enjoy. Only very few individuals do not like socializing and usually these are people with some kind of a problem. Socializing is fun and allows for a happier, healthier life. Everybody, no matter his/her age, needs some type of social life.

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Top 4 Coolest Mobile Social Apps for 2018!

Mobile social apps are rolled out day after day because they add a lot of value to people’s lives. Consequently, 2018 has seen a number of incredible apps come out. Check out the list below of the top 4 most popular mobile social apps for 2018. These are social apps used by young people the world over;

1. WeChat

WeChat is one of the top mobile social apps for 2018. Developed by Tencent-a Chinese software firm, this multi-purpose mobile social app offers more than just a platform for socializing. It lets users do just about everything, including make video calls, play games, read news and articles, book an appointment with a physician, send cash to loved ones and so on. The app supports nearly all mobile operating systems, whether it is Android or iOS, Windows Mobile or anything else.

2. Talkshow

Talkshow is one of the latest viral chatting apps for mobile users. Co-founded by one of Twitter’s former top executives, this app offers a slightly different approach to chatting. Unlike most of its counterparts, the conversations you have on it are public. Apart from chatting publicly, users can create virtual chat rooms about any topic they like, encouraging visitors to share their thoughts and engage with one another. This app, however, supports only iOS devices.

3. Airtime

Airtime is another new mobile social app that has swept the internet by storm. This app has added a new twist to group video-chatting. It embeds a unique mix of numerous live streaming aspects, embedding group chat and video calling functions into a standard messaging service. Airtime supports both Android and iOS devices.

4. Peach

Peach is a new and amazing mobile social app that allows users to send messages, share pictures as well as music and rate anything that has been shared. It supports both Android and iOS devices. This app is the real deal for people whose life is filled with any excitement worth sharing.

WeChat, Talkshow, Airtime and Peach are the latest mobile social apps to look out for in 2018. These apps are amazing, exciting and allow users to enjoy all the fun that comes with socializing. Some are compatible with all mobile operating systems, whereas others support only specific operating systems. It is therefore important to check the supported operating system before selecting an app.

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